The Agile Retrospective Game

VIRTUAL RETROS: Inspect, Reflect, Self-assess & Have a laugh

  • Interactive
  • Collaborative
  • Pay for what you use
  • Fun, yet actionable
  • Rich games catalogue
  • Pledge 1%
  • No retainers

Serious games deserve serious attention (…) Not only are the games relatively lightweight exercises, but they also use a lighter touch to resolve many debates over product decisions.

Forrester Research 2008

Drive conversations towards what matters

Brainstorm for ideas and feedback in a private setting

Use variety of voting to help give a voice to everyone and prioritise

Get a visual summary of the session to refer back and remind agreed actions

Each game is held in a session, which up to 9 players and can run up to 2 hours


Check out the original!

An actual pack of cards for teams to Inspect, Reflect, Self-assess & Have a laugh!

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