Card Game: Birds, Nerds & Turds

This retrospective card game is to help teams to: inspect, reflect & self-assess in a fun style.

Bringing new perspectives to flourish energy and the ability to become a better team whilst delivering their common goal.

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Team Session: Demystifying Agile

Want to find out what agile really is? Why we even need an alternative? When it works best?

Let’s tailor a day session for you and your team, to get it!

Ideal group size 9 – 16

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Pluralsight Course Agile for Salesforce

Part of the  Play by Play series with Don Robins.

In this course, you’ll learn how adopting an Agile methodology can help to resolve issues around delivering quality system enhancements, on time and on budget, while working and delivering in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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