Impact 2020

Building a sustainable future by enabling our customers to have a positive and better impact on well-being, communities and the planet we live in, through all that we do.

2020 impact by the numbers

From supporting people through digital channels to creating change, customers significantly impact how we operate. These are our key results:


+1.5% total time volunteered by employees through Pledge1%


31.5 Skills based / Pro Bono hours donated aligned with SDG 4 Quality Education


♻️ We switched to using 100% green energy suppliers

Doing well and doing good.

We’re used to operating by the maxim “you can have cheap, fast or good: pick two”, but with the triad of sustainability, happiness and profit you really can have all three. In fact, with those things as a focus they actually nourish each other.

Companies are composed of individuals and we can do both, do good and do well. In fact, it’s more rewarding. 

The value of a company’s goods and services is relative to the waste it generates. Sustainability and happiness are not at the expense of profit but a means to it.

Get Involved. Take the pledge:

Pledge 1% provides a simple framework for personal and employee giving. Take the pledge yourself, get ideas to give back, or bring Pledge 1% to your organisation. #PledgeToPreserve