The Agile Retrospective Game

VIRTUAL RETROS: Inspect, Reflect, Self-assess & Have a laugh

Frequently Asked Questions

But what is The Agile Retrospective Game exactly?

Is a web application to host your virtual retrospectives in a gamified way. Once you process your transaction, there is a game catalogue to choose from different styles of retros.

It initially started as a virtual version of the card game Birds Nerds and Turds! (you can expect some of that in the games variations)

What do you mean by no retainers?

More often than not nowadays products are sold with a retainer, meaning you pay either if you use it or not. We don’t think that’s fair although may make business sense to some.

Instead we are are going radical, you pay for what you use. Doing a retro? then process a transaction and get on with it. That simple.

We believe if the product brings value will succeed. So we depend of your return and your sharing so others get to know about it.

Are there any limits?

A game session can have up to 9 players (here is why) and up to 2h, you can end the retro at any point before that which generates a pdf for who started the game.

Serious games deserve serious attention (…) Not only are the games relatively lightweight exercises, but they also use a lighter touch to resolve many debates over product decisions.

Forrester Research 2008


Check out the original!

An actual pack of cards for teams to Inspect, Reflect, Self-assess & Have a laugh!

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