Agile to its core, succeeds where all others more traditional project management methods have failed.

Last century we focused on execution rather than innovation. We had clear what to accomplish and how exactly to deliver it. Defined modules, to roles, processes, practices… to deliver defined plans. Made sense.

Now things change more quickly, to stay competitive we need to inspect and adapt more rapidly and deal with greater uncertainty. Only learning organisations will keep up with the future.


It all starts with a CRM. A Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions which improves profitability by collaboration and transparency.

IMPLEMENTATION: Greenfield and Migrations

COMPLETE CRM: Sales, Service, Communities, App, Marketing, Pardot, Analytics, Social

EXTENSION: Build your specific business process, the sky’s the limit

Primarily focused on delivering Salesforce technology because:

  • Business model is built around customer success and enables you to scale.
  • Provides multiple layers of security.
  • Real-time system performance transparency.
  • Multi-tenancy running all infrastructure and services.
  • Metadata driven with seamless upgrades and ready APIs.
  • 5 times faster than building on-premise.
  • Salesforce has been named by Forbes “Most Innovative Company” for four years in a row.

Are you a consultancy and/or small team? Do you want to get the grasps with Agile? Start from within: submit a Services Request for a 12 weeks program covering the basics, embedding practices in your day to day, framework handover from week 7 onwards so that you can continue becoming more Agile whilst delivering value.

In 2006 Salesforce made the switch from a waterfall approach to agile in order to improve productivity within a growing global engineering team.

With that switch Salesforce increased productivity by 38% and major releases were completed 60% faster!


Birds, Nerds & Turds

“Use a lighter touch to resolve many debates over product decisions.”

This retrospective card game is to help teams to: inspect, reflect & self-assess in a fun style.

Bringing new perspectives to flourish energy and the ability to become a better team whilst delivering their common goal.


The Book!

It can be difficult to know how to start to implement change, and even harder to take others with you on that journey. In this book, I will show you how to make the most out of Agile.

Become more Agile whilst delivering Salesforce.

It’s rare to find a book that is a trifecta of educational, inspirational and fun to read. Ines has nailed that trifecta with this book.“ Kelly Currier – VP Agile Delivery at Salesforce

Agile for Salesforce

Part of the Play by Play series with Don Robins.

In this course, you’ll learn how adopting Agile can help to resolve issues around delivering quality system enhancements, on time and on budget, while working and delivering in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Currently you can signup for a free trial of Pluralsight.

121 Coaching

Over the course of few months we’ll partner to discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve.

I’ll support you along the way to develop and expand your impact.

Unleash your potential.

Start you journey today.

Demystifying Agile Session

Want to find out what agile really is? Why we even need an alternative? When it works best?

Let’s tailor a day session for you and your team, to get it!

Ideal group size 9 – 16. Reach out.


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